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About Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown's strong artistic back ground, including college level art courses, eventually led him to the wonderful world of tattooing in 2008. The addition of body art to his list of art mediums has proven to be a strong passion and a whole new lifestyle. Matt has developed a wide ranging portfolio with an emphasis on dramatic black and grey pieces, which have become his signature style. With his experience, expertly developed techniques, and unique eye for composition, his clients will get the very best custom tattoo imaginable! Check out Matt's portfolio and get in touch to schedule your appointment!
Travel Schedule 2016
DC Tattoo Expo January 15-17
Guest Spot at Underworld Tattoo Company February 10th-13th
Evergreen Tattoo Invitational March 4-6th
Boston Tattoo Convention April 8-10th
Live Free or Die Tattoo Expo July 22-24th
Guest Spot at Jesse Rix's private tattoo studio in Keene NH October 12-14th
International Puerto Rico Tattoo Convention December 2-4th
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